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March 13, 2008


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Carolyn Peeler

Hello Tracey,

I couldn't find another way to email you, so I've found your blog...you can delete this comment from public viewing if you'd like ;) I just needed to email you, and didn't have another way to contact you!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for the little pin cushion you gave me in my ATC class at Silver Bella. It is so, so stinkin' cute!! Love it. It may just sit on top of my computer for a while so that I can look at it before getting moved to a place in the studio where it can be functional :)

As a teacher I always feel spoiled by the SB students, and you and your kindness certainly played a part in that. And given that you have an impressive teaching resume yourself, I was tickled that you chose to join me again for the second year in a row..must mean I didn't blow it in 2007, eh? (smile)

I hope that your experience at Silver Bella was everything you were hoping it would be and that you had safe travels home.

Carolyn Peeler

Kimberly Kwan

me too!
me too!

i am sitting here (quite unsuccessfully) trying to make one even 20% as cute as the ones you gave us...and totally falling short!

You are SUCH a doll and it just made me SO happy to see you again at SB and to have you in my classes again this year! You're SO amazignly talented and FUN..it is an honor to have you play with me!!!

Now, dammit, blog more often!!!


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