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March 03, 2008


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Always love to see "Miss Pinky"!! Great picture!

Sue kelemen

She's a beauty Tracey! What a wonderful photo! Can't wait to see you in June at Scrap St Louis!!


Congrats! What a beauty. My daughter and I became big fans of Giada and "Pawla Deeeeeen" when my son was born (almost 18 months ago). Afternoon nursing time always seemed to coincide with their shows ;)


Such wonderful news! What a cutie! Daughters are fun - to shop for and play with. Congratulations to you!

Susie Lang

Positively gorgeous. Congratulations!

Peggy Lucas

She's sooo tiny and beautiful! I'm going to Scrap St. Louis and I can't wait! I loved your project at CE... and you were the one that turned me on to suziblu! Thanks.


Congratulations, Tracey! What a beautiful little girl you have been blessed with. Can't wait to see you in St. Louis - we have tons of pink here, you know. I'll have to take you to Puddle Ducks when you're in town.


Congratulations Tracey! Oh my goodness, she is absolutely beautiful. I'll bet your mom is beside herself as well. You will fall in love with Puddle Ducks. I can't wait to see you and the rest of our KC girls in Jun. Til then, snuggle up with that beautiful baby girl and enjoy every moment.

Vickie Jones

Congrats, I have an Addison as well! and trust me at 4, we are now saying, what happened to that quite, baby!

Debby Schuh

What a doll! Congratulations! How fun to get to do the pink thing now!

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